Artistic Director
Gary holds a 2nd Class Honors Bachelor’s Degree from the NTU business school, but his passion is always in dance. Coming from a dance background of Latin Ballroom, Street Jazz and other dances, Gary was first introduced to Street Salsa in 2002 and has never looked back since.

His unique and showy dance style had brought him recognition in the Street Latin scenes around the region and he was the choreographer and competitor for En Motion Dance Crew in 2012 World Salsa Championship (Team Category) whereby the crew achieved 5th placing, the highest placed Singapore Team in the Championship. More recently, Gary had won the 1st Runner-up in the prestigious World Latin Cup 2013 Professional Bachata Category Asia Qualifier.

Widely known for his candid character and humorous teaching style, Gary have been invited to teach, choreograph and perform in various nationwide events like Chingay and International dance congresses in San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei, India and more.

Gary was also voted 2nd Runner-up for the Best Instructor in Singapore for the SalsaSingapore Choice Awards Ceremony. His teachings had since benefitted many and his students had gone on to win Salsa Champion titles and start their own dance teaching career. Under his coaching, his students had also clinched numerous International and National level championships.

Principal Dancer / Instructor
A chance encounter with his cousin taking Salsa lessons started him learning the dance. Loving the free style partner dancing nature of Salsa, Page had move on from a new comer to one of the most recognized performers in Singapore

Placed 2nd-runner up and Champion in the 2010 & 2011 Inter-Tertiary Salsa Competition, Page also has the honor to represent Singapore with En Motion in various International Dance Festival to countries like Bangkok, Sydney etc. He was also invited to guest appear on national TV as a dancer in a Mediacorp Serial Drama - "Happy Birthday" starring alongside Chen Hanwei and Paige
Page was also part of the En Motion Dance Crew which achieved 5th placing in the 2012 World Salsa Championship - Team Category
With his partner MUNKz, they clinched the Champion of Asia Bachata Championship and represented Asia in the World Bachata Championship finals 2013!

And they have also achieved 1st runner up in the Asia Salsa Championship 2014
and crowned Champion for Asia Bachata Championship for the 2nd time in 2015

Never giving up was his key to transforming from a mediocre dancer into the confident dancer he is today. Page is thankful for where dancing has brought him and he continues to keep his passion burning in Street Latin dancing
Principal Dancer / Instructor

MUNKz has always been interested in various genres of dance, but has found passion in salsa dancing for its sizzling beats and incorporation of a variety of styles and techniques. To her, dancing is expressing feelings in motion and there is an endless journey into the world of dance.

A versatile performer, she has by date performed at International Dance Congresses and events in San Francisco, Sydney, Taiwan, Bangkok and is also one of En Motion performance team's lead dancer.

In 2011, she clinched the Singapore Jack & Jill Salsa Competition where her free style creativity and clean movements won her the title. She was also part of the En Motion Dance Crew which achieved 5th placing in the 2012 World Salsa Championship - Team Category
Together with her partner Page, they went on to win the Champion of Asia Bachata Championship and represented Asia for the World Bachata Championship 2013!
And they have also achieved 1st runner up in the Asia Salsa Championship 2014, and
crowned Champion for Asia Bachata Championship for the 2nd time in 2015

Senior Instructor
Affectionately known as Cat, Catherine started her Salsa journey in 2001. Now a seasoned performer, Cat was also the 1st runner-up in the Lady Salsa Dance Competition 2003.

Besides Salsa, Catherine has an extensive range of different kinds of dance experiences under her belt. Trained in Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern Dance, she is the Champion of AMORE Dance Competition 2006.

Catherine was also one of the choreographers for the En Motion Performance Team performance presented in Singapore International Salsa Festival in 2006 and 2007. Catherine believes that dancing should always be enjoyable along with good fundamentals!
Gerald has only started serious dancing recently, but has previously explored various other dance forms including hiphop and contemporary. It was not till 2011 that he found street Latin dances, and found a new love.

He dedicated his time thereafter into mastering the dances. As one of En Motion Dance Crew’s senior male dancers, Gerald has performed in many dance events such as the Singapore International Salsa Festival, Singapore International Latin Festival, and the Esplanade Dans Festival. He has also represented En Motion in competing in the Asia Bachata Championship.

Articulate in his teaching, he has helped many understood dance teachniques better. Gerald believes in breaking down the dance into manageable pieces such that everyone can understand and dance better, happier.

Cecilia has been part of the En Motion Dance Crew since 2008 and performed with the crew for overseas dance festivals in Bangkok and Sydney as well as many local events and festivals such as the Singapore International Salsa Festival, Singapore International Latin Festival and Esplanade Dans Festival. She has also appeared in national TV and The Sunday Times.

Always with a smile on her face, she enjoys teaching and helping ladies to bring out their confidence, beauty and sexiness in their dancing. She is often seen at the social dance floor interacting and dancing with her students.

Rabin’s strength and power has made him one of En Motion Dance Crew’s most explosive dancers. As one of the most senior members of the crew, Rabin has grown into the power house dancer he is today through hardwork and perseverance. With the crew, he has performed in Sydney and many local dance events such as the Singapore International Salsa Festival, Singapore International Latin Festival, and the Esplanade Dans Festival, as well as for national TV.

He has also represented En Motion in competing in the Asia Bachata Championship and achieved 2nd Runner-up in 2012.

With his years of experience, Rabin imparts to his students the technique to incorporate explosive power in their dancing.
Stemming from her obssession with perfection, Vivienne fused her years of exprience as a musician together with her impassioned focus on dance to bring together many to embrace Latin dance and Zouk as an artform and making it the new black.

Her fluidity and sensual form compounded by her inate ability as a music professional to translate the cacaphony of nuances of the highly charged Latin music and the sensuality of Bachata and Zouk makes her one of the most captivating and mesmerizing sights to grace the local and international dance scenes. Together with the team, she has performed, taught and competed in dance events including the Singapore International Salsa Festival, Singapore International Latin Festival, International India Dance Congress and the Esplanade Dans Festival, as well as having been featured on U-weekly Magazine and Channel News Asia. She was also part of the En Motion Dance Crew which achieved 5th placing in the 2012 World Salsa Championship - Team Category held in HK. Her many accolades also includes having represented En Motion in the Asia Bachata Championship and clinching the Champion title in 2014.
In 2012, Ah Jiao picked up Salsa after being awed by the elegance and exquisiteness of the Street Latin Dance form. Her passion and determination in dancing has led to her rapid improvement to a leading dancer in the Singapore scene. As a member of the En Motion Dance Crew, she had already participated in numerous International Dance Festivals, and had also represented Singapore for the Asia Bachata Championship.
In 2014, she was crowned Champion in the Inter-Tertiary Salsa Competition Open Category, and 1st Runner-up in the Inter-Tertiary Jack and Jill competition.

Years of sweat and occasional bruises have taught her that if you wanted something badly enough, it is always within reach if you just keep on trying. Street Latin has made her a more driven person, with patience and a can-do attitude towards learning and doing. That is also reflected in her passionate, positive and inspiring teaching style.
Dancing has always been in Leena's blood. Whenever there's music playing, you'll always find her instinctively dancing to the beat! She took her 'baby steps' in Salsa at En Motion in 2012 and has been living her crazy passion for Latin dance since. She has performed in various festivals, including 'Singapore International Latin Festival', 'IIDC- India International Dance Congress', and 'Esplanade Dans Festival’, amongst others.

With a background in Indian classical dance, Leena also enjoys pole fitness, belly dancing, Zouk, Bachata and Hip Hop.

Her style of dancing comprises of sensual movements, flanked by her sharpness and flair. To Leena, there is nothing more important than feeling the music and letting it flow through her movements. To her, dance knows no boundaries and no limits. It is beyond race, religion and age. Dance is an art, expressed from the heart to the world. In short, happiness.

Her passion and warmth in her lessons always make her students feel comfortable to approach her for help.
Without any prior dance background, Jax attributes his dance achievements today to his hard work, passion and great teachings from his mentor, Gary Foo.

His first exposure to Street Latin Dance happened during his 3rd year in University and he swiftly rose to become the club’s Dance Captain the following year.

In 2014, he won 3rd runner-up position in the Inter-Tertiary Jack & Jill competition and he also took part in the Inter-Tertiary Salsa competition. He has since participated in a reality dance competition and numerous shows at an international level .

Like how he first got to know Street Latin Dance and subsequently fell in love with it, Jax hopes to be able to inspire other dancers to know more about this dance form and the social dancing scene. His style of dance is soft but firm, with a sensitivity to feeling and connecting to the music.

"Feel the music and let it guide your body"

Nick first came to know Street Latin Dance when he was in university. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the club’s Dance Captain in his 2nd year. As he stayed on to help the team grow, so did his passion for the dance.

A flashy performer, Nick has showcased himself at different levels, including national as well as international shows with En Motion Dance Crew.

Taking inspiration from well-known dancers such as Nery Garcia and Tropical Gem, Nick has a flair for sharp and eye-catching moves, with a special emphasis on styling.

He believes that dancing is not just about knowing the moves, but also executing them well.

"A family that dances together, stays together. " - Nick
While Rachel is relatively new to the Street Latin Dance scene in Singapore, Rachel is no newcomer to the fine art of dancing.

She began tapping her feet since 8, and has never missed a beat till now. She loves experimenting – and as a result has dipped her toes in contemporary dance, ballet and traditional Chinese dance, amongst others.

It wasn’t till she was given full independence in college that she finally found her passion in Street Latin dancing. She found herself captivated with the dazzling outfits, sensual moves and intuitive partnerwork. It has been an important part of her life ever since.

After barely a year of coaching with En Motion, Rachel won third place in the Open category of the Inter-Tertiary Salsa Competition in 2014. After joining the En Motion Dance Crew in the same year, she has gone on to perform with the crew on numerous occasions such as En Motion's anniversary parties and Singapore International Latin Festival 2015.

To Rachel, to dance is to feel and express from the inside, be it euphoria, romance or agony.

She is thankful and blessed to be able to spread her love for dancing, just like how she began this incredible journey with a stroke of luck, a leap of faith and a basic step.

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